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  3. Welcome to Project Swami

    Project SWAMI, Sampled Waveforms And Musical Instruments, is a collection of free software for editing, managing and playing musical instruments for MIDI music composition. Current focus is primarily the SoundFont format, which is an open file format for digital audio “sample” based instruments.

    Software components

    • Swami – Instrument editor application.
    • libInstPatch Instrument file software library.
    • PatchesDB – Web interface for instrument sharing sites.


    FluidSynth Logo
    Uses FluidSynth, a SoundFont based software synthesizer, which works with most any sound interface.
    Real-time SoundFont effect modulators, including global session modulators, which can be controlled by external MIDI controllers.
    Virtual Keyboard Piano
    Virtual resizable piano keyboard for playback with computer keyboard or mouse and for editing instrument note ranges and root notes.
    File Tree
    Multi instrument file navigation tree, for easy navigation and copying resources between files.
    24 bit audio SoundFont editing support.
    You need FluidSynth 2.0.0 or later to support 24 bit playback.
    Loop Finder
    Loop point finder for searching for optimal audio loop candidates.
    Loop Profile
    Loop point overlapping cross section profile view to aid with creating audio loops.
    Tuning Fork
    FFT based auto tuning plugin, for assistance with tuning audio samples and instruments.

    Latest News

    Released libinstpatch 1.1.2 and SWAMI 2.2.0

    A new stable release of SWAMI is available, as well as a maintenance release for libinstpatch. Details can be found in the release notes:


    Released libinstpatch 1.1.1

    A maintenance release for libinstpatch is available. Details can be found in the release notes:


    Released libinstpatch 1.1.0

    After 9 years, libinstpatch deserves a new release: Version 1.1.0 is available at GitHub:


    SWAMI moved to Github

    Hi there,

    this is derselbst – current maintainer of fluidsynth. Together with JJC we’re helping out the SWAMI project. We started by splitting up swami and libinstpatch into separate repositories, which can now be found at Github:


    Efforts on fixing build issues esp. on Windows are currently in progress.

    Live DVD image with Swami

    Jo?l Kr?hemann created a?linuxfromscratch.org based live?DVD image for ?ags (Advanced GTK+ Sequencer)?which contains Swami. ?For more information visit his blog post here.

    New Website Launch

    My New KeyboardProject Swami now has a new website! The updated look and content is representative of the new found interest that I have in further developing this great software. My purchase of a new MIDI controller keyboard sparked a desire to add features to improve MIDI control and live composition in Swami. I’m also looking forward to developing additional new features, such as instrument library browsing support, virtual instrument files, session effect modulators as well as improving the Python binding and fixing outstanding bugs. A new release of Swami is long overdue, to include the changes that have been made in the last couple years. I’m also going to get serious about creating package installers for Mac OS X and Windows platforms. If you want to get involved, post something to the forums, mailing list or make a donation!

    Thank you to the following sponsors:

    Matrix Switch Corporation - Video and Audio Routing Solutions


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